No on Measure FD March 3 in Los Angeles County

L.A. County residents already pay a special parcel tax to support the fire department. Approved by voters in 1997, the special tax initially cost the owner of a single-family home $48 per year. The tax goes up every year with the cost of living, capped at a maximum annual increase of 2%. For fiscal year […]

California Taxpayers Association opposes Measure FD

Los Angeles County officials are doing what they always do when county-sponsored tax increases are on the ballot —using your tax dollars to campaign for the tax hike under the fiction that they are just trying to educate voters. The county fire department’s “impartial” slideshow on Measure FD, the property tax increase on the March […]

Fire Tax “unnecessary” says HJTA President Jon Coupal

The president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association told City News Service he thought it would be tough to pass the ballot measure, which he characterized as a “very unnecessary tax” given that the county’s property tax revenues are already up by more than 6%. “Voters are getting pretty tired,” Jon Coupal said, pointing to […]